Care & Maintenance

Each piece of our furniture has been crafted with love & care. It has had a thorough quality check and has been vanished or stained before you receive it. So, it will not be necessary to stain or varnish until 12months after delivery. 

Simply by following a few easy steps in the future, your De Beer &. Co furniture will be protected and will stay looking great.

Natural Reaction
Being a natural product, you may see cracks and movement, thus adding to the rustic character. We do not consider these a fault or flaw and it will not compromise the strength or construction of your furniture.

Where possible, we recommend keeping out of intense heat and pop under cover in the winter.

Do NOT leave your table sets on grass/dirt/ loose stones or any uneven surfaces for any extended period of time. This will cause a may cause several issues. 

  • Moisture will cause tables to warp or rot 
  • Uneven surfaces will cause the furniture to adapt to the terrain and become uneven itself 

Do NOT leave spills to sit on surfaces.

We will freshly stain the product before delivery. This will keep the table in mint condition for 12months. It is not necessary to restain a product before this period for maintenance purposes.

We recommend re-staining with your chosen stain when the timber is dry.  The staining tin should have a guide on how to test this. If not, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Pour a little bit of water onto the wood 
  2. If the water beads up, the lumber is too wet to be stained
  3. If the water is absorbed into the wood easily, its ready to go :) 

Usually the dryness largely depends on the environment but before summer and winter is a good guide. Always read and follow instructions on the tin*. Do not stain in the direct sun or in a humid environment. 

We use a water based stain. Please take the appropriate care and steps if using a different based stain. 

When timber gets too hot or too cold, it can warp, so it is advised not to place your furniture beside radiators, heaters, fires or air conditioning units. Position your pieces where temperature is relatively consistent.

*De Beer &. Co accepts no responsibility for any issue created from the customer choosing to re-stain or paint the product.